Maximum Nutrition and Minimal Ingredients

Thank you to K’s NRG.
I was recently fortunate enough to receive a box of their bars.
These bad boys are not only super nutritious but are also made with whole food natural ingredients.
The bars come in four flavours – Chocolate Chocolate, Coconut- Chocolate, Cherry and Original. All very tasty – but I would have to say Cherry is my fav!
Most importantly – they are plant based, non-GMO and gluten-free. (Hello all vegans :p)
Perfect for the busy individuals with a lot of their plate. Check out K’s NRG for further benefits, fun facts and recipe suggestions.
Thanks again- and let me know which flavour you enjoy the most?!



Goji Berry Latte

Monday….oh how much we dread Mondays.
But I have something that may cheer you up- because this recipe is full of nutrients and antioxidants.
I have been avoiding coffee for the last two weeks and it’s been really difficult, until I was introduced to the goji berry latte. It strikes notes of coffee, green tea and hot chocolate. But the beverage contains none of them.
I made the latte at home by soaking half a cup of goji berries in water for 30 minutes.

Then I drained the water and tossed the goji berries into my Vitamix to purée them. Then I took half a cup of almond milk and heated it up in a small saucepan and whisked in the goji berry purée.
Voila you ended up with a caffeine-free, antioxidant rich infused concoction.


Boozy Chocolate Pecan Bourbon Cupcakes

Warning – these cupcakes contain a lot of goodness – as you can tell by the name.

You will need to clear a couple of hours to make these cupcakes because there are several components. The cupcake base, the filling, the icing and the topping, but all worth the time and effort.
You can find the recipe on Half Baked Harvest everything on her blog turns out super tasty. Thanks for the inspiration.
I found the chocolate base moist, and not overly rich, the buttercream had a creamy, sweet caramel flavour and the roasted pecans – well, let’s just say I can eat a bowl of those on their own.
And be prepared to use a lot of bourbon in this recipe- which I think gives it that complex taste.

Let me know what you think? Would you try making these cupcakes?

D.I.Y Reupholstering

One of my many 2016 resolutions is to give a “facelift” to some existing pieces in my home.
My first attack was to upgrade my dining chairs with new fabric as the previous ones were showing their usage-in other words the chairs looked used and abused!
I actually used fabric from window coverings I found at HomeSense. I liked the ikat print and thought the colours worked well with what I have going on in the room.
Below is my before and after pic.
Overall, I’m satisfied with the results, especially since it only cost me $29.99 to upgrade four chairs!


What is something in our home you want to revamp?

I’m back and with a Toronto Winter City Guide

Happy 2016 Homies!

It has been a very long time since I posted an entry on my blog.
I must admit 2015 was a busy year for me and I did lose motivation and interest.
What motivated me to return and write this entry was some of my friends and followers asking me what happened to my blog and why I stopped posting. The interest from others inspired me to get back at it, but more recently Eventbrite (the largest self-service ticketing platform in the world that helps people find and plan events) reached out to me asking me to post an entry about what a visitor may do in my hometown in the winter in a 24 hour period.
I felt this was a sign to return to the world of blogging and was up for a challenge. Why not start off 2016 right!
So let’s get to it- a Winter City Guide on what to see, do and eat in Toronto also known as Hogtown, the, the 6, …

As many of you may be aware, Toronto is a fairly large city consisting of several neighbourhoods. I decided to condense it down a bit and mainly focus on the “downtown” core and a couple of the surrounding neighbourhoods with an emphasis on independent shops and restaurants.

As for the events I tried to select activities/events only offered in the winter, but know there are many other attractions that Toronto and the surrounding area have to offer that are worth visiting.

Below are a few of my favourites which Toronto has to offer:

Nathan Philip Square skating rink – located in front of City Hall in the centre of the city this is toronto’s events landmark- skate at the famous ice rink – rentals available on site)
Winterlicious – during January 29 to February 11- Toronto offers the opportunity to discover delicious cuisine at prix-fixe prices at more than 200 restaurants and also offers unique culinary events.
TIFF- Canada’s Top 10 Films -for $10 see any of the top ten Canadian films during January 8 and 17, 2016
Distillery District Christmas Market – for a short period the distillery turns into a traditional Christmas market with outdoor beer gardens and markets.

Salt -offers a variety of share plates & wine from Portugal & Spain
The Saint Tavern – upscale tavern/Gastropub
Boralia -offering Canadian fare with a historical backstory. Presentation and food equally pleasing and unique)
Bang Bang Ice Cream -offering a unique selection of desserts, ice-cram and frozen yogurt
Furlough -bistro style food with a extensive selection of classic and modern cocktails
Carmen -serving tasty Spanish tapas check out the market adjacent to the restaurant
Bar Chef – a dark and intimate spot to enjoy some extremely unique cocktails. They have a selection of over 5000 house made bitters
Pai – serving authentic northern thai cuisine and everything and anything on the menu is equally tasty.
Sweet Jesus – a espresso and soft served ice cream cone shop! Offering plain, dipped and pimped out cones! I recommend any of the pimped up cones- they are decorated to the nines! And despite the cold temperatures you may experience in Toronto in the winter it will be worth the taste!

Crywolf Clothing – a shop which offers one of a kind creations from artisans
I couldn’t resist snatching a few adorable finds such as the two pins and the cheeky mousepad



BYOB Cocktail Emporium
Old Faithful Shop– not only do I love all the products that are offered in this shop but the sales associated who served me was super sweet and genuinely welcomed each customer into the shop.


Brika Shop – this shop offers a large selection of the work of authentic makers, artisans and designers. You can leave with some one of a kind Toronto souvenirs from this place.
Paper Place – some fun 2016 finds..





Type Books – (an independent bookstore for serious book lovers)
Cure Apothecary – (an organic all-natural beauty and skincare shop for men and women)

Trust me if you attend to a handful of the above noted you will be truly pleased and satisfied with this cultural city – as it has a great food scene and wide variety of young entrepreneurs, artisans and artists.

Let me know if you tried any of the above-noted recommendations and which ones were your favourite.

And thanks again to Eventbrite for connecting with me. Should you be interested in using Eventbrite’s services check out their Event Management page. where you can select tools to assist you in planning, promoting and advertising your next event.


D.I.Y. Terrarium

This weekend I made my own terrarium, and I have to admit I think it turned out fantastic! Now let’s hope it doesn’t die on me.
Making your own terrarium is simple and quick and zero to none skill set required.

Items you will require:
-A vase
-Air plants


I purchased my vase at the dollar store a couple years back, I then added a cup and a half of small black pebbles. I then added the moss and finally the air plants on top. Voila your terrarium is created. The most time consuming thing about this project is the arranging of the moss and air plants, so depending on your vase you may need to use some long tweezers.


Air plants are great because they don’t require soil in order to grow. They can be placed on pebbles, rocks, sand or moss. Air plants will latch on with the help of light and moisture and eventually can multiply.

So remember to mist your terrarium every so often. Keep out of direct sunlight but place in a sunny room.

These plants will also survive with direct fluorescent light exposure – so all of you people working in offices , this plant is going to be easy to maintain.

I look forward to hearing how your terrarium turns out!

Holy Cow!

I found this great find at HomeSense over the weekend. I really fell in love with this cowlourful piece. You may be thinking it’s udderly ridiculous.
When I brought her home I felt an instant connection with my new artwork and knew my cow needed a name.
I first thought of Wilma. She looked like a Wilma and was told that since it was going to be in my kitchen that it would make sense to name her that … You know “Wilma dinner be ready?”
Then someone suggested Tilda ….Tilda Cowscomehome!
Okay, okay, I know I’m really milking these jokes… The names are endless.
So I have my new artwork mounted on the wall, all I have to do now is decorate my credenza and the space will be complete.