La Cubana

Another Latin American restaurant we tried this weekend was La Cubana. This place is another hidden gem on Roncesvalles.
I know what some of you may be thinking. Cuban food? Really? I’ve been to Cuba and their food is so bland. Well, La Cubana is far from bland. Each dish we tasted was flavourable and satisfying.

The seafoam tiles and classic victorian encaustic mosaic floors work well in the retro diner space. I love The accent touches of the stacked Latin American non-perishable food items across the wall.


Aside the great food, the staff are extremely friendly.


(Habanero Squid)

(Grilled whitefish with pineapple salsa, beans and rice, slaw and plantains)

(cod croquettes)

(Conch Fritters)

(Pineapple Upside Down)

(Key Lime Pie)
We wish we could have ordered more, but I guess it’s just more of a reason to come back again to taste the rest of the menu.

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