Wednesday Wish List

Like it or not the holiday madness has begun. The shops have decorated their windows with festive decorations and the Christmas carols are being played. So I think my Wednesday Wish Lists may contain some helpful gift ideas now till December 25th. Which may make it easier for all the Secret Santa’s out there.
And I know I am not alone when I say this, but there is nothing more I enjoy than comfy p-jays and warm tea after a long day, and most importantly a good night’s sleep. The following wish list items will be sure to make you feel rested and energized in the morning.

These cute long Jane p-jays can be picked up at Victoria’s Secret

I’m loving this luxury loose leaf tea from Sloane Tea Company


Do you have a busy mind and tension in your neck and shoulder? Then you need to pick up Mind Mist from Clementine Fields

I love everything in this shop, especially anything Lavender L’Occitane

20131106-214828.jpg Add a few drops to your wrists and temples for a good night’s sleep. Aromatic Bed Time

20131106-215219.jpg Mount this poster in a frame. Etsy

My final wish list item is something I will be dreaming about for a while. I found a luxury resort in Bali called Escape Haven. This women’s retreat focuses on clean eating, yoga, fitness and surfing all while being in paradise.

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