Top 10 Things to Taste in Toronto

Check out this Article on To Die For Vancouver website, it lists the top 10 things to Taste in Toronto.
I’ve personally tried 5/10 items listed on the list, and can say they do deserve to be on this list! Now I need to make efforts to check off the remaining 5 off the list. How many have you tasted from the list? I typed the word “list” too many times above, didn’t I? :p
1. Side of Mushrooms | Daisho (need to try)
2. Pop rocks truffle | SOMA Chocolatemaker (check)
3. Quinoa onion rings | Fresh on Crawford (check)
4. Mojito & cotton candy macarons| Nadege (more than once! Check)
5. Crispy cauliflower taco | Grand Electric (check)
6. Devilled eggs | The Saint Tavern (need to try)
7. Flat White | Sense Appeal Coffee (more places need to serve flat whites!!! need to try)
8. Shiitake buns | Momofuku Noodle Bar (check)
9. Basque cake | Bar Isabel (need to try)
10. Squid taco | Bahn Mi Boys (need to try)

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