Wish List Wednesday (Gold + White Edition)

Have you been noticing the new colour combo of gold and white lately? Are you hearting it as much as I am?
I was never a fan of gold until recently. I think you acquire a liking to it like dark chocolate after a certain age.
The combo is modern, elegant and classic, in my opinion.
If you are still not convinced you like the duo, here are some items that may change your mind.





20131120-213206.jpg (people are loving gold so much that they are using edible spray paint on their food – no joke!)



1. Caitlin Wilson Pillow
2. D.I.Y. Feathers
3. D.I.Y Mason Jars
4. Tray
5. D.I.Y Gold Fruit
6. Ikat Tea Pot
7. Golden Monogram Mugs
8. Candle

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