Wish List Wednesday

Brrrrrrr….we got some snow on the ground last night and today, and the temperature has dropped dramatically!
All you want to do now is have a hot beverage on hand, at all times, and you want to dress in the most comfy layered outfits.
Which brings me to my Wish List Wednesday items!

I have wanted these Santa mugs for a while!

Nom..Nom..Nom..cookies!!! Earl Gray tea cookies may I add! I’m going to add these to my recipe list.

I love everything about this outfit! All from Roots.

Another great outfit from Roots.

Serve this gourmet hot chocolate from Godiva in the Santa mugs above!

I hope the above items keep you warm throughout this frigid weather.


4 thoughts on “Wish List Wednesday

  1. Well Anna, another fabulous Wednesday Wist List. It inspired me to get a bit of shopping done and I just did a big on-line Roots order for Jilly for Christmas this morning. Love the Santa mugs!!

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