Wednesday Wish List (Stay Warm Edition)

I know I have said this in previous posts before “that it’s cold outside“, but this time I mean it when I say it’s bloody cold as hell out there!!! -40 with the wind chill! Come on mother nature!!! Now that’s extreme!
Stay warm this winter with the following essentials!!!!!!

These leg warmers from Roots are adorable!

Chill out at home with these Granny Slipper Socks and keep your feet warm and toasty.


Run home from work and cuddle up with your loved one under this wool throw. When it’s this cold out its expected to sit back and relax on the couch!

And while you’re sitting there under that blanket you best be enjoying something warm. Kusmi Tea is a great treat, try the detox one – we all know we could all go for a little detox after the holiday indulgence.


Oh and what comes with cold weather? Yup, SNOW. Oh the joys of shoveling snow….NOT! Yes, shoveling snow is a great workout, but it also leaves you with sore muscles thereafter. Especially, when you got to go outside a few times a day. Apply this heat rub to the affected areas and your pain will be sure to go away.



Apply Keihl’s lip balm throughout the day. Our puckers get super dry and chapped with the winds and cold weather.

20140108-225525.jpg Our poor skin needs to be protected and hydrated at all times in the winter months. This body oil is a bit $$$, but it’s worth every penny.

20140108-225820.jpg Since we are on the topic of splurging – ya Canada Goose costs a lot, but your hands will be thanking you for the protection and warmth. These down-filled mitts are going to keep your hands dry all winter season!

Stay warm!

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