I’m back and with a Toronto Winter City Guide

Happy 2016 Homies!

It has been a very long time since I posted an entry on my blog.
I must admit 2015 was a busy year for me and I did lose motivation and interest.
What motivated me to return and write this entry was some of my friends and followers asking me what happened to my blog and why I stopped posting. The interest from others inspired me to get back at it, but more recently Eventbrite (the largest self-service ticketing platform in the world that helps people find and plan events) reached out to me asking me to post an entry about what a visitor may do in my hometown in the winter in a 24 hour period.
I felt this was a sign to return to the world of blogging and was up for a challenge. Why not start off 2016 right!
So let’s get to it- a Winter City Guide on what to see, do and eat in Toronto also known as Hogtown, the t.dot, the 6, …

As many of you may be aware, Toronto is a fairly large city consisting of several neighbourhoods. I decided to condense it down a bit and mainly focus on the “downtown” core and a couple of the surrounding neighbourhoods with an emphasis on independent shops and restaurants.

As for the events I tried to select activities/events only offered in the winter, but know there are many other attractions that Toronto and the surrounding area have to offer that are worth visiting.

Below are a few of my favourites which Toronto has to offer:

Nathan Philip Square skating rink – located in front of City Hall in the centre of the city this is toronto’s events landmark- skate at the famous ice rink – rentals available on site)
Winterlicious – during January 29 to February 11- Toronto offers the opportunity to discover delicious cuisine at prix-fixe prices at more than 200 restaurants and also offers unique culinary events.
TIFF- Canada’s Top 10 Films -for $10 see any of the top ten Canadian films during January 8 and 17, 2016
Distillery District Christmas Market – for a short period the distillery turns into a traditional Christmas market with outdoor beer gardens and markets.

Salt -offers a variety of share plates & wine from Portugal & Spain
The Saint Tavern – upscale tavern/Gastropub
Boralia -offering Canadian fare with a historical backstory. Presentation and food equally pleasing and unique)
Bang Bang Ice Cream -offering a unique selection of desserts, ice-cram and frozen yogurt
Furlough -bistro style food with a extensive selection of classic and modern cocktails
Carmen -serving tasty Spanish tapas check out the market adjacent to the restaurant
Bar Chef – a dark and intimate spot to enjoy some extremely unique cocktails. They have a selection of over 5000 house made bitters
Pai – serving authentic northern thai cuisine and everything and anything on the menu is equally tasty.
Sweet Jesus – a espresso and soft served ice cream cone shop! Offering plain, dipped and pimped out cones! I recommend any of the pimped up cones- they are decorated to the nines! And despite the cold temperatures you may experience in Toronto in the winter it will be worth the taste!

Crywolf Clothing – a shop which offers one of a kind creations from artisans
I couldn’t resist snatching a few adorable finds such as the two pins and the cheeky mousepad



BYOB Cocktail Emporium
Old Faithful Shop– not only do I love all the products that are offered in this shop but the sales associated who served me was super sweet and genuinely welcomed each customer into the shop.


Brika Shop – this shop offers a large selection of the work of authentic makers, artisans and designers. You can leave with some one of a kind Toronto souvenirs from this place.
Paper Place – some fun 2016 finds..





Type Books – (an independent bookstore for serious book lovers)
Cure Apothecary – (an organic all-natural beauty and skincare shop for men and women)

Trust me if you attend to a handful of the above noted you will be truly pleased and satisfied with this cultural city – as it has a great food scene and wide variety of young entrepreneurs, artisans and artists.

Let me know if you tried any of the above-noted recommendations and which ones were your favourite.

And thanks again to Eventbrite for connecting with me. Should you be interested in using Eventbrite’s services check out their Event Management page. where you can select tools to assist you in planning, promoting and advertising your next event.



Tea Time

They were out of the maple bacon cappuccino – so I opted for the vanilla rooibos latte. Perhaps it’s for the best they were out of bacon fat. :s
I will be back soon with my request for the maple bacon coffee drink…as I need to taste this interesting creation. I need to know whether or not it’s amazing or disgusting. Thoughts?


Top 10 Things to Taste in Toronto

Check out this Article on To Die For Vancouver website, it lists the top 10 things to Taste in Toronto.
I’ve personally tried 5/10 items listed on the list, and can say they do deserve to be on this list! Now I need to make efforts to check off the remaining 5 off the list. How many have you tasted from the list? I typed the word “list” too many times above, didn’t I? :p
1. Side of Mushrooms | Daisho (need to try)
2. Pop rocks truffle | SOMA Chocolatemaker (check)
3. Quinoa onion rings | Fresh on Crawford (check)
4. Mojito & cotton candy macarons| Nadege (more than once! Check)
5. Crispy cauliflower taco | Grand Electric (check)
6. Devilled eggs | The Saint Tavern (need to try)
7. Flat White | Sense Appeal Coffee (more places need to serve flat whites!!! need to try)
8. Shiitake buns | Momofuku Noodle Bar (check)
9. Basque cake | Bar Isabel (need to try)
10. Squid taco | Bahn Mi Boys (need to try)

Bunner’s Vegan & Gluten-Free Treats

I’m keeping this post short and sweet just like the desserts at Bunner’s bakery. Bunner’s makes their treats daily, which means when they’re sold out then that’s it for the day! I managed to pick up two pumpkin cupcakes, two butter tarts and one blueberry tart, all equally delicious, completely vegan and gluten-free.




La Cubana

Another Latin American restaurant we tried this weekend was La Cubana. This place is another hidden gem on Roncesvalles.
I know what some of you may be thinking. Cuban food? Really? I’ve been to Cuba and their food is so bland. Well, La Cubana is far from bland. Each dish we tasted was flavourable and satisfying.

The seafoam tiles and classic victorian encaustic mosaic floors work well in the retro diner space. I love The accent touches of the stacked Latin American non-perishable food items across the wall.


Aside the great food, the staff are extremely friendly.


(Habanero Squid)

(Grilled whitefish with pineapple salsa, beans and rice, slaw and plantains)

(cod croquettes)

(Conch Fritters)

(Pineapple Upside Down)

(Key Lime Pie)
We wish we could have ordered more, but I guess it’s just more of a reason to come back again to taste the rest of the menu.

The Empanada Company

This weekend my husband and I were craving Latin American cuisine.

For lunch we went to The Empanada Company in Etobicoke. It’s a super small, tight take out restaurant serving a variety of empanadas. They have a few bar stools inside and a small patio out front.

20131020-195907.jpg<They have your traditional empanadas along with a contemporary menu which consists of Curry Coconut Chicken, Grilled Vegetable and Goat Cheese Empanada and for the sweet tooth, a Nutella, banana Smore Empanada (mouth watering just thinking about it).

(Curry Coconut Chicken Empanada)

A side option we went for avocado fries. Sure they’re deep fried, but everything deep fried taste better.

You got to check out this place. What I love is that you can grab a box of Empanadas and they will give you the cooking instructions so you can make whenever you want!