Warmer Days

The days are getting warmer and sunnier which means longer walks for me and my doggies.


Look how adorable they look!


Holy Cow!

I found this great find at HomeSense over the weekend. I really fell in love with this cowlourful piece. You may be thinking it’s udderly ridiculous.
When I brought her home I felt an instant connection with my new artwork and knew my cow needed a name.
I first thought of Wilma. She looked like a Wilma and was told that since it was going to be in my kitchen that it would make sense to name her that … You know “Wilma dinner be ready?”
Then someone suggested Tilda ….Tilda Cowscomehome!
Okay, okay, I know I’m really milking these jokes… The names are endless.
So I have my new artwork mounted on the wall, all I have to do now is decorate my credenza and the space will be complete.


Tea Time

They were out of the maple bacon cappuccino – so I opted for the vanilla rooibos latte. Perhaps it’s for the best they were out of bacon fat. :s
I will be back soon with my request for the maple bacon coffee drink…as I need to taste this interesting creation. I need to know whether or not it’s amazing or disgusting. Thoughts?