Wish List Wednesday

Happy 2014!!

This year’s resolution is going to be about organizing and making my house feel more like a home. In order to achieve this goal I’m going to have to declutter (a lot) and add some sparkle to my place.
I think the following items will help me achieve my goal.

Oink oink! Love the gold pig book ends
Adding art to the walls adds warmth to any home. I heart these prints


You can never have too many pillows. An array of pillows will brighten any room.

I picked up a lack shelf from Ikea recently and I know it’s going to help me organize and display some nic naks.

D.I.Y painting project! How stunning would this pattern look in your home.

Let me know what resolutions you have made and share your organizing tips with me.

Wish List Wednesday

What better way to start off a wish list than with a gold wishbone bottle opener.

I heart these french hook earrings from J. Crew

Or better yet these Burgundy earrings by Eric Beamon.

The days are getting colder-therefore sweaters are a must to keep you warm throughout the season. I’m really enjoying this vintage inspired print.

Noble Maple Syrup mmm gourmet lovers check out this handcrafted maple syrup packaged in a bourbon bottle.

Do you want to enhance the flavour to your favorite cocktail? Then add some Basement Frost Bitters. Literally packaged in a basement on a farm in New York.

Wish List Wednesday (Gold + White Edition)

Have you been noticing the new colour combo of gold and white lately? Are you hearting it as much as I am?
I was never a fan of gold until recently. I think you acquire a liking to it like dark chocolate after a certain age.
The combo is modern, elegant and classic, in my opinion.
If you are still not convinced you like the duo, here are some items that may change your mind.





20131120-213206.jpg (people are loving gold so much that they are using edible spray paint on their food – no joke!)



1. Caitlin Wilson Pillow
2. D.I.Y. Feathers
3. D.I.Y Mason Jars
4. Tray
5. D.I.Y Gold Fruit
6. Ikat Tea Pot
7. Golden Monogram Mugs
8. Candle