D.I.Y. Terrarium

This weekend I made my own terrarium, and I have to admit I think it turned out fantastic! Now let’s hope it doesn’t die on me.
Making your own terrarium is simple and quick and zero to none skill set required.

Items you will require:
-A vase
-Air plants


I purchased my vase at the dollar store a couple years back, I then added a cup and a half of small black pebbles. I then added the moss and finally the air plants on top. Voila your terrarium is created. The most time consuming thing about this project is the arranging of the moss and air plants, so depending on your vase you may need to use some long tweezers.


Air plants are great because they don’t require soil in order to grow. They can be placed on pebbles, rocks, sand or moss. Air plants will latch on with the help of light and moisture and eventually can multiply.

So remember to mist your terrarium every so often. Keep out of direct sunlight but place in a sunny room.

These plants will also survive with direct fluorescent light exposure – so all of you people working in offices , this plant is going to be easy to maintain.

I look forward to hearing how your terrarium turns out!

Holy Cow!

I found this great find at HomeSense over the weekend. I really fell in love with this cowlourful piece. You may be thinking it’s udderly ridiculous.
When I brought her home I felt an instant connection with my new artwork and knew my cow needed a name.
I first thought of Wilma. She looked like a Wilma and was told that since it was going to be in my kitchen that it would make sense to name her that … You know “Wilma dinner be ready?”
Then someone suggested Tilda ….Tilda Cowscomehome!
Okay, okay, I know I’m really milking these jokes… The names are endless.
So I have my new artwork mounted on the wall, all I have to do now is decorate my credenza and the space will be complete.